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PERLS: A Pervasive Learning System

PERLS is a pervasive, lifelong learning supported by an intelligent personal assistant. With support from the U.S. Department of Defense Advanced Distributed Learning program, SRI artificial intelligence and learning scientists are developing PERLS, the Pervasive Learning System. Principal investigator Michael Freed and his team are designing an app that will sense nearby learning opportunities, alert you to them, and package learning materials into the digital formats that suit your lifestyle: a podcast for driving, a video for home, or augmented reality as you walk down the street.

PERLS is focused on context-driven instruction in diverse learning environments. Learners interact through a Personal Assistant for Learning (PAL), currently implemented as a mobile phone application. The initial system is being deployed at SRI and field tested with SRI employees to minimize early stage adoption barriers, obtain pre-authored seed instructional content, and access data for personalized learning. PERLS creates a coherent learning experience for the user and sustainable operating model for organizations.

Key PERLS technical objectives include across session:
  • A PAL architecture and mobile application providing personalized support to users for across-session learning activities
  • A set of PAL engagement modes governing selection and timing of user instruction
  • AI algorithms to enforce context-sensitivity in all engagement modes
  • Personal profile/status management to define interests, track progress, and reinforce learning trajectories
  • Capabilities for connecting users to other users, including those with useful expertise
  • Notification services to alert users to transient learning opportunities.

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